December 18, 2023

What is the Role of a CSP Provider?

A CSP Provider, in the context of banking and financial services, refers to a company or entity that acts as a facilitator for the implementation of […]
November 24, 2023

What Services can a CSP Provider offer to the Rural People?

A CSP provider of a nationalized bank is in charge of a banking outlet or touchpoint, allowing the public in the locality to access basic banking […]
October 12, 2023

Kiosk Banking Empowers Rural Entrepreneurs

Kiosk banking, often referred to as Bank Mitra CSP, opens doors to a multitude of benefits, not only for the service providers but also for the […]
September 21, 2023

The CSP Application Process for Aspiring Bank Mitras

In the hustle and bustle of our modern world, ensuring everyone can access banking services is incredibly important. Often, folks in far-off places or areas that […]